In addition to our ever popular Soldier Drop-Thru downhill board, Never Summer introduces the Soldier Top-mount. Using the same high quality composite aterials and construction methods as we do in our drop-thru model, Never Summer has created a downhill bomber that is second to none. Our exclusive rocker design lowers your center of gravity for stability and locks your foot in for ultra quick response. Carbon fiber, VLSC , exclusive STS fiberglass, and Texalium top-skin, provide a super solid and responsive platform. Our exclusive RDS, rubber damping system, utilizes Elastomeric Foil around the truck mounting areas to absorb vibration for added stability and reduced foot fatigue. Available as a complete with custom Randal 180mm trucks, using RII 180mm hangers on a 42 degree D.H. base plate and downhill barrel bushings. Our NS 77mm/77a Inferno wheels.
42"x10" wheel base: 33.3"-36.5" img-3year