Never Summer only buys the highest grade raw materials and from the production of our CUSTOM FLIGHT CORE woodcores to the waxing of the finished SNOWBOARDS, everything is done in our own factory in Denver, Colorado USA. This is the only way to make sure every Never Summer snowboard is the most durable, high performance board on the planet.


Never Summer’s lineup featuring R.C. Technology (rocker & camber) and Vario Power Grip sidecut geometry combines a rocker freestyle feel with all mountain high speed performance. Unlike older generation rocker designs that may perform well in powder and parks but lack stability and edge hold when riding fast, our combined rocker and camber (R.C. technology) design destroys anything in its path from parks to steeps, to powder and high speed cruisers.
This technology blends an NS custom rocker profile with separate camber areas at each end of the the board, providing unmatched power and snap out of turns. This also provides better board tracking for high speed stability and performance. The Vario Power Grip sidecut works perfectly with this new design by adding increased edgehold precisely where it’s needed most; from 2 inches outside of each binding, inward towards the center of the board providing added control and response in any condition.
Never Summer Industries looks to be one of the leaders with the development and implementation of this new technology, 2009 2010 is the second season we use the R.C. Technology on our boards. The boards have been tested on all terrain in every condition and everyone absolutely loves the feel. The performance in not only park and pipe with butters, presses, and ollies being much easier; but also riding powder, trees, and steeps is incredible for the freestyle riders that are pushing the performance of the boards.

For more information see: ROCKER & CAMBER


The Vario Power Grip sidecut works perfectly with the Rocker & Camber design by adding increased edgehold precisely where it’s needed most; from 2 inches ouside each binding, inward towards the center of the board providing added control and response in any condition.

NS Custom Flightcore

Never Summer’s exclusive CUSTOM FLIGHT CORE is the most technically advanced core system we’ve ever used. Designed and built in NS’s woodcore facility, these cores fuse premium hardwood and ultra light softwood laminates together with vertical layers of elastomeric vibration dampers. These lightweight perimeter dampers actually increase vibration absorption the faster you ride while maintaining an incredible amount of snap and liveliness, providing a level of edge hold and high speed performance that only a Never Summer snowboard can deliver.

Press Flex Core

This new rocker core design is perfect for the Evo-R and Revolver-R models. This core features 2 specific softer flex points between the feet creating better hinge points for ultimate pressing and ollie performance.

Sintered P-tex Sidewall

We were the fi rst snowboard company to use and perfect SINTERED P-TEX SIDEWALLS, and we’ve never seen one crack. Unlike conventional ABS sidewalls, that have a tendency to crack in colder temperatures, SINTERED P-TEX SIDEWALLS maintain their integrity at any temperature.

RDS 1 Damping System

This is our most extensive damping system specifically designed for the Premier F1-R and Lotus-R. Three full perimeter layers of elastomeric rubber foil are laminated between the metal edge, fiberglass and wood core. This provides unmatched stability and a smooth riding feel especially at high speeds.

RDS 2 Damping System

Similar in design to the RDS 1, the laminated damping layers on the RDS 2 are more extensive the full length of the effective edge, and less extensive in the tip and tail. This combines high speed stability with reduced tip and tail swing weight. RDS 2 is specifically designed for the Heritage-R and Heritage XR

RDS 3 Damping System

This lightweight system uses three narrower laminated damping layers that provide the perfect combination of vibration absorption and stability. RDS 3 is specifically designed for the SL-R, Legacy-R and Infinity-R.

EDS Damping System

The EVO-R DAMPING SYSTEM (EDS) delivers increased edgehold and high speed stability without compromising the Evo-R and Revolver-R’s freestyle performance.

Durasurf Sintered 4501 base

Crown Plastics has been the industry leader in sintered materials for over 33 years and has created the DURASURF 4501 sintered base exclusively for Never Summer. This new high density base is extremely fast and will provide unmatched performance and durability.

BI-LITE Fiberglass

BI-LITE fiberglass combines many of the strength characteristics of STS ADVANCED fiberglass with an ultra light glass fiber matrix. This delivers incredible freestyle and freeride performance without sacrificing durability.

Carbon VX System

Never Summer’s exclusive CARBON VX system has been divided into three separate design systems to offer the best combination of edge response, high speed stability and localized torsional stiffness.
Our CARBON V-Twin, VXM and VXR systems use NS’s engineered carbon laminate “V”s to increase energy transfer from the point of generation under the bindings to the snowboard’s edge providing superior edge hold and response. Varying carbon “V” confi gurations create specifi c energy transfers and fl ex patterns to accommodate different riding styles. Our CARBON VX and V-Twin system increases snap and power directly behind each binding, towards the center of the board without creating a stiff, flat spot in the center of the snowboard, providing a powerful but smooth and consistent flex pattern

Carbon V-Twin Laminate Technology

The Premier F1 and Lotus benefit most from the CARBON V-Twin laminate system which extends the carbon “V”s from the bindings to the ends of the effective edge increasing power and edge response. An additional carbon V is added to the tail to increase edge hold and power out of turns.

Carbon VXM Laminate Technology

The carbon “V”s used in the Heritage’s CARBON VXM system are set back from the ends of the effective edge to slightly soften the nose and tail while providing power, increased torsional stiffness and edge response from foot to edge. This is the perfect system to combine high speed stability with all mountain freeride performance.

Carbon VXR Laminate Technology

The CARBON VXR system is specifically designed for our SL-R, Legacy- R, Evo-R, Revolver-R and Infinity-R freestyle snowboards. The carbon “V”s are set back even further from the tip and tail to increase power and stiffness from the bindings to the edge. This system also helps soften the tip and tail just enough to help you dominate any terrain park or kicker that crosses your path.

STS Pretensioned Fiberglass

The world’s best snowboard fiberglass, period. Our STS ADVANCED fiberglass is a pre-hardened, pre-tensioned, layered laminate that has added elastomeric stringers between the 0 degree and 90 degree glass fibers the length of the effective edge. This produces a stronger bond between the individual glass laminates giving our snowboard unmatched strength, edge hold and performance.

Full Wrap Metal Edge

Never Summer uses a very pure and strong type of metal that is fully wrapped across the whole edge of the board.

On the TITAN & SUMMIT Micro-Lam Carbon Technology

Eight individual layers of fiberglass combined with carbon uni-fibers and pre-tensioned STS glass stringers give the Titan and the Summit the most advanced structural laminate combination we’ve ever developed. The four fi berglass layers closest to the core are 45 degree laminates providing torsional stiffness and edge response. The 4 layers furthest from the core are 0 and 90 degree laminates, giving the board its superior strength from tip to tail and edge to edge. Carbon “V”’s above the core provide increased snap, strength and power out of turns while the STS pre-tensioned glass stringers below the core, enhance camber retention and provide unmatched durability.

TDS Damping System

The TITAN DAMPING SYSTEM (TDS) greatly reduces vibration and provides unmatched high speed stability and control. Thin elastomeric rubber stringers reduce vibration from the metal edge and surrounding laminates. Stringers below the inserts and under the carbon dampen any additional vibration near the bindings, giving the Titan and the Summit a smooth riding feel underfoot without sacrificing snap and power throughout the board.

Tri-Radial Sidecut

The TRI-RADIAL sidecut makes use of 3 different primary sidecut radiuses. A moderate center radius between the feet helps to stabilize the board at high speed. The more aggressive front radius, from the front foot to the front edge contact points, initiate turns effortlessly. The most aggressive rear radius, from the back foot to the rear edge contact points, give the Titan a quick and powerful fi nish to each turn.

Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 base

Crown Plastics has developed an exclusive, super fast, durable sintered base specifically for the Titan and Summit. Just the right amount of graphite has been added making the DURASURF 5501 XT base the fastest we’ve ever used.

One Ball Jay XT

OBJ mixes a custom wax formula specifically for the Titan. This wax blends paraffin, including fluorinated paraffin, creating a bond to the XT sintered base that is ultra hydrophobic. In short, this is the fastest wax you’ll find anywhere.